Adam Macqueen

Adam Macqueen’s first novel, political thriller Beneath the Streets, the first in a series featuring rent-boy turned amateur detective Tommy Wildeblood, was published by Lightning Books in April 2020. The second Wildeblood book, The Enemy Within, followed in February 2022.

Private Eye: The 60 Yearbook, a compilation edited by Adam of the biggest historical, political and cultural events of the last six decades as they were recorded in the pages of the satirical magazine, was published in September 2021 to commemorate the Eye’s diamond anniversary.

Adam’s non-fiction books include The Prime Minister’s Ironing Board and other State Secrets (Little, Brown, 2013) and the The Lies of the Land: An Honest History of Political Deceit (Atlantic 2018).

He has been contributing to Private Eye magazine since 1997, and wrote the bestselling history of the magazine which was published for its 50th anniversary in 2011. He is also on the editorial team of Popbitch, and from 1999-2002 was deputy editor of The Big Issue.

He lives on the South Coast with his husband, the painter Michael Tierney.


4 comments on “Adam Macqueen

  1. Hello Adam, this is Juju from France, I heard about your novel a few days ago on BBC 4 and the people talking about it was so excited about it I ordered it on the spot, I received it on Saturday and couldn’t put it down, it’s really a fantastic read, probably my favorite of all the books I’ve ever read …

    … I was wondering if it will be translated into French (and other languages) because I would like my friends to read it, I’m sure non-English speaking gay people would enjoy it as much as English-speaking people, I know some straight people enjoy it too, maybe because everybody enjoys reading thrillers and books about a political-sexual scandal … and books that are breathtaking, captivating and sometimes heartbreaking

    I hope all is well with you and yours and am very much looking forward to reading the 2nd Tommy adventure !!

    Thank you,

    Juju from France

    • Hi Juju – really glad you enjoyed it so much! No plans for translations as yet, but if you wanted to tell any French publishers it would be a good idea, I’d definitely be up for it.

  2. Just finished Enemy Within. Brilliant Sir, thank you for a excellent ride. Two questions do you have a list of all the songs in the book. This was very much ‘my’ era and I was kicking myself for not recording the titles as I went. So going to offer to make a Spotify playlist. Second when will we get to see the next instalment of Tommy. The ending reminded me of an ending to Babycakes (Maupin) when you need to hear about Michael’s fate regarding HIV. Thanks again…

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