Prime Minister’s Ironing Board in the Guardian

Extracts from my new book in today’s Guardian Review, under a headline that should have the NSA kicking down my door within hours…

State Secrets Revealed

By Adam Macqueen

2 comments on “Prime Minister’s Ironing Board in the Guardian

  1. The extract of the book in the Observer was FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although it was considerably helped on its way by the picture of Christine Keeler…

    Are you absolutely SURE that a picture of an ironing board is the way to sell this ?

    Or indeed the right title ? I guess it’s too late to have second thoughts now, but maybe for the paper back you need to maybe have Christine Keeler doing the ironing, or something ?

    Or maybe just have ‘OTHER STATE SECRETS’ in truly MASSIVE capitals to ride the Snowden wave ??

    I mean the stuff about Maggie getting in Princess Margaret’s box [oo er..] is straight out of contemporary ‘The Thick Of It’ Nicola Murray’s playbook…

    Best of luck with it – will you be doing the obligatory tour of the provinces ??
    p.s. That Wipers Times thingy that your partner in crime did was a work of genius too..

  2. Thanks Philip – glad you enjoyed it! Maybe we should go with a picture of a naked Christine Keeler straddling an ironing board for the paperback, although sadly we’re just too late to get Lewis Morley to take it…

    There’s much more Thick-Of-It-ish behaviour in the book, some of it stretching all the way back to the 1920s. One of my favourite bits is about Harold Wilson desperately trying to avoid an official visit from Richard Nixon during Watergate.

    I’ll be doing some readings at events over the autumn – will put details on here as soon as they’re finalised.

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