Event at Gillingham Library, 30 September

I’ll be doing an event at Gillingham Library on the evening of 30 September, to celebrate The Prime Minister’s Ironing Board coming out in paperback. It’ll probably consist of me reading bits out from the book, doing the voices (badly), and then an awkward five minutes at the end where I ask if anyone has any questions and we all look embarrassed for a while.

Copies of the paperback will be available to buy, and I’ll scribble anything you like inside them (as long as I can spell it). I’ve got high hopes for the evening, because I’ve already had an email from a complete stranger telling me that “I would have liked to have come along, but Gillingham at night is not somewhere I want to hang around in.”

Full details here.

By Adam Macqueen

2 comments on “Event at Gillingham Library, 30 September

  1. I am sure that you will find an interested and vocal audience at Gillingham Library. I am also sure that you will find it safe and friendly in the area. I hope the talk goes well and look forward to your feedback

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