New book in 2017

Exciting news in tonight’s Evening Standard (well, it wasn’t news to me, obvs):


They’re right, you know. I am. More details shamelessly cut and pasted from my publishers’ press release below.

Mike Harpley, Editorial Director at Atlantic Books, has bought world rights in an exclusive deal in The Lies of the Land: A Brief History of Political Dishonesty by Adam Macqueen from David Smith, Annette Green Authors’ Agency. Atlantic will publish in September 2017.

In a history full of wit and political acumen, Private Eye journalist Adam Macqueen dissects the gripping stories of the biggest political lies of the last half century, from the Profumo affair to Blair’s WMDs and from Boris Johnson’s £350 million for the NHS to Trump’s campaign claims. This is the quintessential guide to dishonesty from our leaders. It unpicks the pernicious relationship between parliament and the media and explains how in the space of a lifetime we have gone from the assumption that our rulers have our best interests at heart to instinctively presuming the worst.

Mike Harpley comments:

“If anyone can help us to understand the ‘post-fact’ era, it’s a senior journalist from Private Eye, an organ more dedicated to uncovering truth than most. This is guaranteed to be witty and entertaining but also shine a light on the demise of truth in modern democracies. Donald and Boris: take heed!”

Right. I’d better go and get on with writing it now.

By Adam Macqueen

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