The Enemy Within

THE ENEMY WITHIN, the second Tommy Wildeblood novel, will be published by Lightning Books in February 2022.

It’s set in 1984 at the height of the miners’ strike, and sees Tommy studying as a mature student at the radical Polytechnic of North London – and falling hard for fellow student Liam. But as he attempts to put his past behind him, it turns out Tommy is far from the only one hiding his true self – and Liam’s secret might be even more explosive than his own.

With a cast of real-life supporting characters that include Trotskyist firebrand Gerry Healy, a young Jeremy Corbyn MP, radical artist and activist Derek Jarman and Mrs Thatcher herself, it tells a story just as gripping and grounded in its times as Beneath The Streets – and once again, there’s a twist in the tale that will leave readers, like Tommy, questioning everything they thought they knew.

‘Wildeblood is a thoroughly likeable hero’

Mail on Sunday

‘A rent boy turned detective – fantastic!’

Jonathan Harvey

‘Macqueen has created a really memorable main character: brave, clever and brimming with moral indignation, but also vulnerable’

John Preston, The Critic

You can order a copy of The Enemy Within direct from the publisher here. It will be released on 3 February 2022.