Topped of the Pops


Topped of the Pops was my first novel, a satirical crime caper set behind the scenes of a lightly-fictionalised X-Factor, and the first in a series featuring mismatched police officers Inspector Mike Braithwaite, Chief Superintendent Claire Whitehead and Sergeant Vic Nelson. It was all set to be published by The Friday Project in 2008.

… and then they went bust.

You can still buy it as an e-book. If you want a free taster of the first 10 chapters – after which I guarantee you’ll want to buy the other 30 – click here

2 comments on “Topped of the Pops

  1. Thanks Victoria. About a third of the sequel, Royal Flush, was written when the publishers went down the pan – I’d love it to see the light of day, but it would need another publisher to take it on so I could pay the mortgage during the time it would take to finish it! Book number 3 – provisionally titled Mother Superior – was partially plotted too, and Braithwaite and Whitehead still live on in my head. They had a lot of potential…

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